The Bezz Diving family has its roots back in Malta. We have been working, diving and travelling together for the last 5 years and we have an addition to the family every year. We share most of our days together when we are in Malta but we close the dive centre between December and March every year and everyone was free to look for their own winter adventures. As time goes by, the family has become more united and we also want to spend winters together now, doing what we love doing mostly but in a different environment. Thus we came up with the idea to offer our scuba diving services from the Maldives during the European winter months as from this year. We couldn’t think of a better diving destination where we can meet you once again and dive together in warm waters, abundant with marine life and colourful coral.

We will hold on to our motto: ‘’We make diving your passion’’ and we will also target to give you the best possible service for a fair price so the time you spend with us in the Maldives will be unforgettable.

The Maldives is not a completely new place for us as some of us have had the opportunity to dive here before and appreciate the beauty it offers underwater. Between us all, we have visited all continents and dived in many countries and now we believe we will be bringing you to the best scuba diving destination you can dream of. Are you ready for this amazing trip together?

For those of you who would like to know us a bit more, here is who you can be diving with this winter in the Maldives:


Of Maltese origins but has been travelling around the world for the last 13 years, Bezz discovered Rasdhoo in early 2017 and fell in love with the place, its diving and the people straight away. He has logged over 5000 dives but he still enjoys every dive as much as he did on his first time. His favourite animal would be the manta ray and in Rasdhoo there is a manta cleaning station so you can imagine how excited he is to go back and share some wonderful dives with you once again. Dolphins and sharks would be next on his list and both are commonly seen during the dives around Rasdhoo. Bezz can’t be happier.


Dieguito has the character and charisma to love him at first sight. One of the most experienced instructors in the Bezz Diving family, this will be Diego’s third time in the Maldives. Difficult to find a better instructor than him to guide you diving around the Rasdhoo channels, he knows where to find the pelagics and also always up for adventures. Whether they are deep dives, night dives, drift dives, the feedback we have received from anyone diving with Diego before ,has been difficult to match this experience. Dieguito the one and only, will be in the Maldives most probably from December. He speaks Spanish and English fluently.


Master Clyde will be in paradise this winter as he can combine 2 of his favourite hobbies: travelling and scuba diving. He is a very entertaining person and also very professional at work. This will be Clyde’s first experience to work in the scuba diving industry outside of Malta so you can imagine what excitement there is in the air. Joining the Bezz Diving family in the Maldives as from January, he will make sure that every diver diving with him, reaches the surface with the biggest possible smile.


Enekis has become one of the most requested instructors at Bezz Diving during 2017. Anyone diving with the Basque giant (with a massive and soft heart) before ,would know what a great experience is waiting for them if they get the opportunity to dive with him. He clearly shows that diving is a passion for him and his aim is to give you the most enjoyable experience in the safest environment possible. Enekis will be in the Maldives as from November so you can start planning your diving holidays in the Maldives straight away.


Born in New Zealand but living in Malta since 2015, Tess is one of the most friendly and professional instructors you can meet. She transmits lots of serenity and she is a joy to dive with. Tess has great eyes for macro life so you can imagine what a wonderful experience it is going to be to dive with her in the Maldives. She is very excited about this new adventure and we are pretty sure that whoever dived with her before, would like to share some more amazing dives in tropical waters with Tess.


Last year as a coustomer and this season as a part of Bezzdiving Maldives Team, Gonzalo or most known as “Lalo”, he will be showing you the impressive divesites of Rasdhoo! He has a degree on enviromental science and has been diving since he was 13 years old. In 2016 he became divemaster and in 2017 scuba diving instructor. Since then he has been underwater everyday enjoying the Maltese and Maldivian water! You will be able to dive with him next season in the Maldives from mid January until the end!


Dani moved from Madrid to Malta in 2013 to follow his passion for diving and has already enjoyed a season managing a Maldivian dive centre. Now our super-motivated Spanish instructor is ready for another winter in Maldives, and he is the ideal guide both above and below the water, as he knows the Maldivian culture well, as well as how to get to know the local people and fit in with their customs. He is a scuba fanatic and his passion for training excellent divers stands out among his great virtues. His motto is “always find room for improvement”. With Dani, you will enjoy dives that are professional, safe and above all fun. Dani speaks perfect English and Spanish.


A ship is only as good as its captain!! Julia is the person who is always at work behind the scenes making sure that everything is organised and under control, despite the happy chaos created by the divers all around her. She is probably the first person that you connect with when you email us and she is always ready to answer questions and give helpful suggestions about getting the most out of your diving holiday. Julia is a native speaker of Spanish (and even teaches Spanish) as well as speaking fluent English. She is also a scuba and rock-climbing fanatic, a yoga teacher and an expert at managing social media. How one person manages to be so efficient and calm while fitting so much into her days is a mystery to all of us!