Live from the Maldives, here we are writing another blog post… Our first one from here. So this new venture has started, and it took off brilliantly so far. Writing this blog on a Maldivian beach, looking at crystalline waters, 32 degrees Celsius, only gives you an idea of what “winter” is like here… Leave your jackets at home please!


Rasdhoo is our home for the next couple of months and I would like to tell you more about this place. First of all, this is not a resort but a local, full-on tropical island, where 900 Maldivians live a very chilled life surrounded by coconut palms. I was one of those who always associated the Maldives with resorts, but in 2004, they also opened their local islands to tourism. This means that now we enjoy the same great beaches as the resorts do, but accommodation and diving are lots cheaper. There are no cars on Rasdhoo and the roads are not asphalted but sandy. The island measures 600m by 500m so you are never more than 5 minutes away from the sea.

So, what do our days consist of here. Slow starts in the mornings: Yoga and some breakfast and then head down to the dive centre, 1 minute way from where we are staying. Scuba diving is obviously why we are here and I must admit that I have had some of the best dives ever here. We have the luxury that some of the best dive sites are only a 5-10 minute boat ride away from us. Distance-wise, it’s like heading from Mellieha to Cirkewwa !! Most live-aboards in the Maldives come diving around Rasdhoo but we prefer to let them dive before us in the mornings, and then we know that we will be diving alone; a much nicer experience than having 20-40 divers around you underwater.

And what do we see underwater… where to start is the problem because we see a lot!! Manta rays are common to come across at various dive sites. Yesterday we had over 30 reef sharks around us on the second dive but on average I would say we see around 10-15 sharks per dive, eagle rays also come to visit, turtles have been spotted on many dives including night dives, moray eels and large schools of batfish, jack fish, triggerfish, tunas, and so much more life on the colourful coral reefs here.

What I used to see on documentaries and what was a dream for me to experience, Rasdhoo is offering so far. And to make life even more comfortable, diving in a shorty is more than enough here; the sea temperature is 28 degrees!! Repeat this twice a day, then also possibly spotting dolphins on the way back on the boat and it’s now time for lunch and some rest.


Back on Rasdhoo, we spend a lot of time on the beach cause that’s how life goes on here. It might all sound too good but it is also very easy for you to join us. This is a budget Maldivian diving holiday and the good news is that during February and March flights aren’t expensive on www.skyscanner.net and the best underwater visibility can be found then.


On behalf of all the Bezz Diving family, we would also like to wish you a Merry Xmas and a prosperous new year. May you all have another year full of health, love, smiles, peace and lots of diving. We hope that we have also raised another interesting topic for you to discuss during xmas lunch this year… quick diving holiday to the Maldives with Bezz Diving!

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