Manta Rays experiences, birthdays and beach clean ups!

That’s how we closed off 2017 and also start 2018 in the Maldives. Days are very chilled here, we are diving everyday and having some unforgettable dives. Sea conditions are getting better by the day here, the rainy season is now over and we are getting calmer seas around Rasdhoo.


Mark diving with Mantas


Mark diving with Mantas II

Last week we started off the new year with an amazing dive with 7 mantas. They are such smart, elegant and impressive creatures! We had them around us for a whole 45 minutes and they gave us an incredible show. They would approach us gently and then just glide above us, leaving us wanting more of this. Luckily we have been spotting them quite often in the Rasdhoo atoll during the last weeks and for all the divers visiting us in the coming months, get ready for some amazing experiences cause we love the mantas as much as you do 🙂


painting for Tess Bday

Recently we also celebrated Tess’ bday underwater. Such an inspiration to many of us, she was surprised with a bday banner during her bday dive:-)

A local artist also made a nice painting for her, THANK YOU very much Aslam! We are meeting many kind people here, this already feels like our second home. Another big THANKS goes to Ahmed who takes care of us constantly, offering to share all his knowledge of the best dive sites around here.


Bezz Diving team and Rasdhoo Dive Club team

We have also started a beach clean-up campaign to give something back to the local community. During our free time, we have organized two land beach clean-ups and also two underwater clean-ups. We want to send a strong message to the locals to take care of the sea and keep the beaches clean. We are offering free diving courses to all the boys that help us with the clean-ups to encourage more of them to join and create more awareness.

maldives beach clean up



Tree before…


Tree after clean up the beach

Rock on 2018 then. We are ready! Very soon we will have a massive Bezz Diving staff reunion here in the Maldives. Bezz, Eneko, Tess, Diego, Clyde and Lalo will all spend some time together here in Rasdhoo whilst Dani will be close to us working on another local island.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you, we wish you many great dives, lots of nice adventures, smiles, peace and love!!